Reclaim Your True North



We are so glad you are here!

Many of us over time have felt a growing sense of unease; a feeling of disconnectedness from what is most meaningful to us and speaks to our soul. We may not be able to identify or voice what exactly that is. How does this resonate with you? 

People are wired for connection. We see an increasing desire among so many people in midlife to reconnect with themselves, and find authentic connection within community. We have found ourselves on a path that may have taken us away from our true desires and joy. There is no time like the present to reclaim our true north and become the master of this next half of our lifetime. 

At Transformed Inc., we welcome you to join us in being Mid-life Masters. We offer our experience, expertise, compassion, support, and guidance. We are modern elders: coaches, curators, educators, facilitators, and mentors. We share experiences, love, and wisdom. We offer kindness, support, resources, and tools for navigating midlife transitions and transformations. Each of us has unique desires, hopes, wishes, goals, and needs. 

Our community VALUES guide us as we navigate midlife and elderhood:   

  • Adventure 
  • Acceptance
  • Authenticity
  • Connection
  • Experience
  • Fun
  • Growth
  • Learning
  • Love
  • Movement
  • Nature
  • Psychological Safety
  • Respect

We welcome you to explore our website and look forward to you joining our community! 

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